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What is Mindful Leadership?

A Mindful Leader, artfully and intentionally, uses their mind, body and spirit to inspire others to act according to agreed upon values, towards a common goal.    

Mindful Leaders develop the ability to take a Conscious Pause and stop in the midst of the whirlwind, and mindfully focus on the present situation without bias or judgement.  They choose to get:

  • Open - to whatever the present moment offers;
  • Curious - about how they feel, and about others;
  • Flexible - to stretch to uncomfortable places and new ideas. 

A Mindful Leader brings an intention to their presence and is aware of how it impacts the organization, team or employee.  


Mindful Leaders choose a mindful response that supports the movement of the organization towards its goals.

Brian Buckley Coaching supports the development Mindful Leaders through mentoring, learning new skills, experimenting with new behaviors, enhancing effectiveness and building trust, all in a safe and confidential  environment. Utilizing our approach, clients will strengthen their ability to :

  • Develop an open, curious and flexible presence
  • Support a culture of engaged and committed employees
  • Create and communicate a compelling vision
  • ​Build sustainable trust

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