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What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness has two aspects:

  • The Quality of Our Attention – intentional, in-the-moment and without judgment
  • To Remember – we have a choice as to our attitude, response and our behavior

Mindfulness as a
quality of our attention is how we intentionally focus on the present moment experience without judgement. 

Mindfulness is to remember we have a choice of what we pay attention to.

 A Mindful Leader intentionally focuses their attention on the present moment without judgement and then chooses a mindful response 

Why Mindfulness?

Neuroscience has shown how mindfulness

  • helps reduce stress
  • creates greater calm
  • increases focus/attention. 
  • transforms our relationships.

Business is driven by relationships; Relationships with our customers and employees.  The Quality of our Relationships is based upon the Quality of our Interactions with each other.  Mindfulness supports us bringing an Intention to our Interactions. 

Positive Interactions make Positive Relationships.