Brian Buckley brings to coaching and consulting over 30 years of experience leading a  midwest manufacturing company.  He has experience in all aspects of organizational operations: customer service, sales, marketing, manufacturing, inventory control, quality assurance, continuous improvement and finance.  He is a graduate of the International Gestalt Coaching Program (ICF certified).  In addition, Brian has completed four years of Gestalt Therapy training at the Pacific Gestalt Institute and Indianapolis Gestalt Institute.  He has been coaching executives and senior management personnel since 2004.  He resides in the Los Angeles area coaching, running the manufacturing company from a remote location and developing a start-up company.

Brian brings the practical hands-on experience of running a business, dealing with employee issues and a host of organizational challenges to his Executive Coaching style:

Open, Curious and Flexible

Mindful Leadership - Practical, Effective and Transformative Leadership.

818 665 5994